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Engaging Customers : Empowering Success

In a digital environment that is progressively advanced, that implies establishing a client service support that provide an omni-channel approach, so you can deliver consistent and reliably exceptional  support, wherever and whenever your clients demand it. Organizations with proficient, customer centric frameworks that connects and responds to provide an exceptional customer experience will emerge from the challenge, and win higher consumer satisfaction  and consistency standards. 

Customers are re-defining their preference for support

In 2014, only 19% required a mobile channel for providing customer service – presently, 83% of them do

60% of customers need seamless access to web based service channels

74% of customers have showcased their inclination towards a Web Based Chat support

58% customers use their mobile for communicating as compared from to landline

64% customers access web based chat support (up from 57% since 2014)

53% customers based their purchase decisions for products or services by browsing on their mobile

44% customers utilize their mobile for closing their purchase of products and services

Power Engine to boost your CX :  Web Chat Support Channel for Customer Service catapults  consumer experience from 13%– 65%. Great CX satisfies: Each 10% expansion in consumer experience prompts a 2%-3% expansion in income.

Cost Reduction : Enhance Operational Efficiency, Web Chat Support Services is up to 3x more proficient than voice.

Increase in Revenue :  Channel your business to connect with your customers preference to the  digital space wherein they are widely engaged via Web Chat Support and Services.  The Web Chat Channel offering will boost the Customer experience and journey and will enable customer retention.

As Indicated by Forrester : 78% of US online buyers prefer to locate their needs through an organization's website versus phone or email. Furthermore, texting has been a rapidly growing phenomenon amongst mobile users,  and is on track to add up to 2.5 billion by 2018.

3x More Leads

Live Chat allows visitors to get their queries solved and helps them in taking quick buying decision.

Half Work Done

Live Chat helps in sorting visitors and classifying them into leads, tickets or general inquiries.

Face of Website

It makes your website look alive. It says “We are working, and very much into this business.”

Increase Sales

With 24×7 Live Chat available on your website, you keep getting more orders, round the clock.

Quality Services

We will pro-actively treat your customers as our own, and provide a seamless, first-class live website chat service 24x7.

Experienced Staff

We only deploy experienced and well-informed live chat operators on your website to handle customers’ queries.

Affordable Plans

Managed live chat service aren’t just for big business anymore. Our low price makes it affordable for everybody.

Personal Manager

You will have a dedicated real human being from the very first day you sign-up with us. Your manager will help you with everything from setup to billing to renewal.

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