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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ’s

The Knowledge Base is a repository that would contain all the most pertinent queries that are requested by visitors or your existing customers. This would need to be supplemented with the relative response against the queries drafted you, as our web agents would apply the same during their interaction with your visitors/customers. We can guide and assist you on creating the Knowledge Base.

Considering that your plan is active, all unused leads / chats for a particular month will be carried forward to the next month.

The White Label Widget would enable you to customize the chat window with your brand name as well as from chats / leads transcripts. This customization would prevent your visitors / customers from realizing that they have connected with an outsourced agent like Ace Chat 24/7.

As we assigned web chat agents to your account, at the beginning of each month – it is not feasible for us to refund the monthly service fees. We adhere to a monthly billing policy which h you can exit at any time and hence we do not have a service contract in place.

Ace Chat 24/7 provides a 24/7 hours support for all the 365 days in a year. Thus we can capitalize on converting you leads on all the public holidays including weekends.

Our Training team familiarizes the Web Chat agent with your respective Products/ Services, Pricing etc. & associated details such as, return policies, discounting etc. This ensures that the Web Chat Agents are geared to serve the customer in all aspects of their queries.

All the performance statistics shall be available to you at regular intervals.

You would need to provide us with a 7 days notice for cancellation. You can Email us for cancelling the subscription.

The Performance reporting at regular intervals shall depict the chats that accepted and Chats that were answered. Any chats that were abandoned either before commencing a chat or after the chat began would have a reason for the same, and shall be shared with you. In addition as we would be emailing you every single chat/ chat transcript, you can verify the quality of the chat exchange.

We process all our payments using the banking secure system called SWIFT. We shall share the bank details for you to transmit the subscription fees.

We can definitely transfer such exceptional chats for your further assistance so that it improves the customer experience and satisfaction. However we would need to set up a fixed web agent license code for your team and which entail for us to levy an additional monthly charge.

Our Training time for the web chat agents correlates to the type of industry that we are required to serve. It could range from a minimum of 48 hours to a max of 96 hours. We expend time and effort to research your website and also build the Knowledge Base for providing the services. We attach utmost importance to skilling or web chat agents to deliver an excellent customer experience

We would like to confirm in the affirmative as the Trial Plan does not have any exclusions amd map up to the Basic Plan under our pricing scheme.

The Web Chat platform provides the feature (no additional cost) to proactively connect with the customer as soon as they visit your web site.