How It Works

Engaging Customers : Empowering Success

You are 5 steps away from commencing to transform your enterprise and create customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention

Providing a 24/7 Web Chat channel to your potential and existing customers gives them an ease of communicating anytime and anywhere.

24/7 live chat operators

A step-by-step approach to get it moving

To get started with our 10 days free trial, click here & fill-in the sign-up form.

Post sumitting the form, you will receive an Email consisting the login credentials & the activation link of your Ace Chat 24/7.

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Customization of your Contact Details

The Email address appearing on your sign-up page / form  is selected as the Email address for transferring  you all the Sales Leads & the Support Tickets.

You have the option to create distinct email address each for Sales and Support. Messaging as an alternate option is provided wherein you need to provide the phone number for Sales Lead and Support Tickets.

Create Knowledge Base

We would guide you on creating a Knowledge Base wherein the most pertinent queries asked by your customers are recorded along with their relative responses. This Knowledge Base would be iterative in nature as it keep evolving and maturing based on the changing nature of your customers queries. The  Knowledge Base from the Knowledge Base Tab > Add FAQ shall be used to start the training of our Web Chat Agents for your website.

Load Web Chat Platform

Please refer to the image for guidance wherein you can copy the code from Websites tab > Setup Instructions & paste it right before the closing “</body>” tag on all the pages you would like the chat tool to appear.

Web Chats Agents Assigned

Post completion of defining the Knowledge base for your website that defines the development of queries and their relative responses – We would   commence  with the training of our Web Chat Agents that are assigned to  your website. We would also invest in researching your website to deepen our knowledge and get calibrated with your customer requests.

We shall be assigning a Dedicated Manager for your convenience and who shall be reviewing the quality ; delivery and performance parameters of your services.

Commence Lead; Support; Services

Finally the Kick-Off for the action to commence would have our Web Chat Agents connecting with your visitors and existing customers. All Sales Leads generated or any Support Ticket raised, will have you receive, all the details of the chat, including the chat transcript not only by Email but by SMS as well.