Medical Insurance

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24/7 WebChat support for your Medical Insurance clients

It is imperative that as a an Medical Insurance provider, you need to be actively connected with your clients 24 x 7 for addressing insurance queries and executing administration tasks, as a medical  emergency can strike at any moment.  You also need to entertain queries from your prospective customers who visit your website 24 x 7 for seeking to understand your insurance plans to make a purchase or subscription decision. have to cater to your patient's concerns, do administrative tasks and handle insurance matters.

Ace Chat 24/7 can fulfill the above challenges by engaging with your existing and prospective customers to provide  medical insurance services and support.

Ace Chat 24/7 keeps your website active to serve the needs of your clients by ensuring that safely and securely handling PHI in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

Web Chat Assistance 24X7

  • Provide quality chat support for your medical insurance related products 
  • Enable to provide documentation claims/ other documents to be shared by your clients
  • Assist your clients for setting up meeting with your insurance consultants 
  • Guide your clients on the terms and conditions of their insurance policy 
  • Support agents with good knowledge of the health industry  
  • 24/7 live chat support on your website to provide clients with updates on their claims

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