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Real Estate professionals ranging from builders to the eco-support system that consist of real-estate agents/ brokers etc. expend  thousands of dollars on promotional activities such as television and newspaper ads, billboard advertising and much more. This prompts potential customers to visit your website for support and guidance but they are however challenged to resolve their queries as they may find it difficult to navigate or may get confounded with the presentation of information on your website. This would thus mean that you bear the risk of losing a potential customer  and deal.

This is where Ace Chat 24x7 makes it presence felt by engaging online in a live environment with your visiting customer on your website and ensuring that your potential customer is converted to a positive lead .  We assure you of an excellent customer experience and satisfaction.

Live Chat Service for Real-estate

Web Chat Assistance 24X7

  • Guiding the potential customers to locate their desired properties for buying or renting.
  • Helping the potential visitor to market their properties for  leasing & selling.
  • Attaining  prospective client Leads & forwarding them via email / SMS in real time
  • Responding  and Guiding on all general inquiries /sales  support including discounts offered, if any
  • Assisting the clients in submission of  online payment or receiving payments
  • Facilitating the exchange  of  case related & other documents from the clients or visitors
  • Support and Updating the customer on the status of their request .
Live Chat Support for Real-estate

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