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24/7 Web Chat services for telecom and utilities

Due to stiff competition; tariff competitive challenges; customer attrition – The telecommunication and utility markets are encountering an increased competition. Hence Customer service will be one of the single most factors to improve customer service by managing effectively and efficiently customer complaints and improving retention. Web Chat Online as a channel, with real time customer interaction has proven to be gaining traction as economical alternative and is the most widely used option to communicate as compared to Voice and Email.

Ace Chat 24/7 provides an enriching feature for the customer to engage with our Web Chat agents anytime and from anywhere – whereby we provide resolution to the customers query and also provide service request support, ensuring that we deliver customer satisfaction and a valuable customer experience to improve the customer retention

Live Chat Support for Utilities

Web Chat Assistance 24X7

  • Enable and Guide the customer to upgrade the products and services Live on the webpage
  • Assist and ensure a smooth process for Service Renewals
  • Enable Sales Acquisition of Product/ Services via webpage  
  • Facilitate Sales/Renewal/ Upgrade documentation via WebChat 
  • Assist in Customer Payments via webchat 
  • Manage Customer Complaints and resolve real time 
  • Share the Chat Transcript with the customer for transparency 
  • Assist the customer in Billing issues by providing live explanation  
  • Log Service Requests 
  • Share Forms and Publication via WebChat with the customer 
  • Engage the visiting customers via proactive chats to increase sales
Live Chat Service for Utilities

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