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Effective as of February 19th, 2019
Know that these terms of Services, or any part thereof, might be changed by us, including the expansion or expulsion of terms whenever, and such alterations, alters or cancellations will be successful immediately after posting.

Know that we may change or cease any perspective, Service or features of this site whenever, including however not constrained to, accessibility, gear and substance required for access or use.

Your utilization of this site after such change and alters will be esteemed to comprise acknowledgment by you of such adjustments, augmentations or erasures.


Client, who avail our services (hereinafter referred to as "Client") and Service provider, Ace Chat 24/7 (hereinafter referred to as "Ace Chat 24/7", "Our", "Us", or "We"), with a principal place of business at 507, Picassio Plaza, NIBM Chowk Khondwa, Pune - 411048 (MS) , India. . The term, "Websites", shall refer collectively to www.acechat247.com.


These are the standard terms and conditions that apply to all agreements for Live Web Chat Support rendered by Ace Chat day in and day out to its customers. By signing up an agreement with Ace Chat 24/7, Client give us approval to render live chat services on Client's planned domain(s), referenced in service agreement.


You understand and agree the following mentioned herewith before using acechat247.com’s, live web chat sales and support services

  • Client has the privilege to request for a paper copy of these "Terms of Services" before joining in lieu of this electronic "Terms of Services".  By accessing and using Ace Chat 24/7's website, Client accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and  Ace Chat 24/7's Privacy Policy found here . If Client declines to the acceptance of these Terms, Client should not access or use any services provided and listed on the Ace Chat 24/7's Website.
  • Client comprehends and concurs that Ace Chat 24/7 maintains whatever authority is needed to get to customer's Ace Chat 24/7 account(s) for specialized and authoritative purposes or for security reasons. The acquired data or information in such a way will not be prepared, made accessible or uncovered to any outsiders except if required by arrangements of law.
  • Client comprehends and concurs that Ace Chat 24/7 claim all authority to close customer's account because of gross encroachment of the arrangements of these terms and conditions with no earlier notice.
  • Client concurs not to imitate any individual or entity, including, however not restricted to, the Ace Chat 24/7 or dishonestly state or generally distort your association with any individual or substance and comprehends that such demonstrations are considered as illicit and entirely precluded and goes under digital wrongdoing.


You understand and agree the following mentioned herewith before using acechat247.com’s, live web chat sales and support services

  • All content, photos, illustrations, logos, trademarks, symbols, sounds, UIs, craftsmanship, music, recordings, PC code and programming including by and large site's look and feel, shading plan, structure, design, structure, determination, mix and game plan of the substance present on the Websites is possessed by Ace Chat 24/7 and authorized just to Ace Chat 24/7. Such Content is secured by copyright, trademark, exchange dress and different other protected innovation and uncalled for rivalry laws.
  • Except with our express composed consent or as allowed by material laws, you may not duplicate, imitate, disseminate, reflect, openly, outline, show, freely perform, interpret, re-distribute or transmit this site or Content in any capacity or through any vehicle for business reason, appropriation and production.
  • Client may show, duplicate and download Content from the Ace Chat 24/7’ s website exclusively for your own and non¬-business use provided that:
      • Client don't remove any copyright or restrictive notice from the Content;
      • such Content won't be imitative, replicated or posted on any stage or distributed in any medium; and no changes are made to such content
      • We regard others' licensed innovation rights, and expect our partners, for example, clients, site guests, clients or customers to do likewise. In the event that you trust that your work has been duplicated or recreated on this site in a way that establishes copyright encroachment, if you don't mind report us at info@acechat247.com.


Subsequent to agreeing to accept Free Trial, we give our customers a demo to test Ace Chat 24/7 service in their business condition and to make certain of our administration a long time before they buy in to our paid arrangement. Customer comprehends and concurs that;

In the wake of agreeing to accept Free Trial, we begin our demo test administration on our Client's favored domain(s) to test our live visit administration in their business condition and to make certain of our administration a long time before they buy in to our paid arrangement. Customer comprehends and concurs that:

  • Free Trial period is a demo on Client's favored domain(s) for straight 10 Days from the day of enactment.
  • After the culmination of the Free Trial time frame, if the Client wishes to proceed with our live web visit administrations, Client must choose one of our bundles and make an installment by means of installment modes acknowledged by Ace Chat 24/7. All installments will be non-money exchanges, directed electronically by outside expert elements, referenced in our administration assention.
  • Default in installment as indicated by viable administration plan implies withdrawal from the gave administration and will prompt wiping out of the administration following 3 days of due date consequently.
  • The receipts for all installments will be given electronically to enlisted email address.


  • Client understands and agrees to the following listed below, before using Ace Chat 24/7 live web chat sales and support services;
  • Ongoing monthly live web chat service fee as per client plan
  • All prices are listed in U.S Dollars and exclusive of all applicable taxes
  • The Leads committed by us within each of our pricing plans are to be considered as the potential limit that may be achieved, as it is subject to the volume of visitors that click on your web page on a daily or monthly basis. Hence we may be challenged to deliver the committed leads against each plan, whereby we may deliver less or meet the Lead numbers as published, provided there is a sizable number of visitor hits on your web-site   


Customer consents to pay Ace Chat 24/7 for any additional costs which don't form some part of our agreement and are required to pay for additional for any extra feature(s) or services at the earliest.


In order to get paid subscription of our service, client must provide valid bank account details (SWIFT), subscription period and other required information – however, we will not charge to client immediately, but upon the end of your free trial, only if client agree to continue our service.


  • If Client isn't satisfied with our live web chat service, Client has the privilege to cancel our service on a 7 Days notice. Customer will be subject to give us a get reason and fill out our cancellation of service form to enable us to redress ourselves and move forward. Customer additionally comprehends and concurs that;
  • All costs referenced in service agreement are conclusive,
  • Regardless of the charging cycle, no refunds will be given for the unused piece of Client's subscription and service period or if Client minimize Client'sservice bundle, before the close of Client's subscription period,
  • We would need to be informed by the Client, at least seven (7) business days in advance, in the event that they wish to cancel or suspend our services for any or all of their majority of their websites. Customer will be subject to pay every exceptional installment to Ace Chat 24/7 within 3 business days post cancellation of our service.
  • Ace Chat 24/7 maintains whatever authority is needed to cancel, end or deny assistance to anybody in any capacity whatsoever. We additionally have the directly to be free from acts or dangers of any oppressive, hostile, problematic conduct, including badgering, terrorizing or compulsion, influencing or including our activity. We do not tolerate under any circumstances any kind of damaging/vulgar/abusive communication via any form (talk, email, telephone, face to face, and so on.). No credit / refund would be given, if there should be an occurrence of damaging / vulgar/ abusive communications.


Customer must give all the required data and required documents by Ace Chat 24/7 with the end goal for us to enact our service for the customer. This may incorporate data about industry, organization size and support required (FAQ's) and so forth. Ace Chat 24/7 shall not held responsible, in the event that if customer can't give such data.


  • It is our first priority to set up Client’s account as soon as they subscribe to our service; however in some cases it may take up to 3-5 business days to complete up new account set up. Any specific time frames or estimates that we give Client solely rely on Client’s full co-operation along with complete information and requested documents.
  • An equal amount of co-operation from client is required to activate our service on client’s preferred domain(s) or website(s). Throughout the period of activation, a single point of contact, as mentioned in service agreement, must be made available from Client’s side. Otherwise client will be responsible for delay and consequences.
  • Our topmost priority is to set up Client's account when they buy in to our service; however  at times it might take up to 3-5 business days to finish up the account set up. A particular time frame or assessments that we give Client exclusively depends on the Client's full co-operation alongside total data and asked for documents.
  • It is expected from the Customers to provide an equal level of co-operation to initiate our services on customer's favored domain(s) or website(s). All through the time of actuation, a single point of contact (SPOC), as referenced in service agreement, must be made accessible from Client's side. Generally customer will be in charge of deferral and results


  • Client consents to protect, repay and hold innocuous Ace Chat 24/7, its subsidiaries and particular executives, officers, representatives and specialists from and against all cases and costs, including lawyers' expenses, emerging out of the utilization of the Websites by the customer.
  • Ace Chat 24/7 maintains whatever authority is needed to assume control over the exclusive defense of any case/ claim for which we are qualified for reimbursement under this area. In such occasion, customer will give Ace Chat 24/7 with utmost co-operation as is reasonably  asked for by Ace Chat 24/7.


  • Neither Ace Chat 24/7 nor any of its employees, operators or agents/ representatives, guarantee that the functions contained in the account will be continuous/uninterrupted or mistake / error free. Under no circumstances will Ace Chat 24/7 or its proprietors or representatives will be at risk to Client or any outsider for any harms, including, yet not constrained to, service intrusions brought about by Acts of God, the facilitating service or some other conditions past our sensible control and expert, any lost benefits or incomes, lost reserve funds or other accidental, reformatory, considerable, or exceptional harms emerging out of the activity of or powerlessness and inability to work the site, failure to work of any specialist co-op, of any telecom bearer, of the Internet backbone, of any Internet servers, Client's or Client's website guest's PC or Internet programs, regardless of whether Ace Chat 24/7 has been advised with respect to the likelihood of such harms / damages.
  • Ace Chat 24/7 will not be obligated for any loss, regardless, which Client may endure in any capacity inferable from any deferral or prevention in execution or fruition of our service contract.